11 Reasons To Go Camping Outer Banks NC


Although there are plenty of hotels as well as vacation rental homes and condos to choose from on the Outer Banks, many people prefer camping instead. Below are some advantages of going camping on the barrier islands of the OBX. We encourage you to give it a try!

Campfire Outer Banks NC

1.) You can reconnect with nature. Before cell phones, brick homes, and air conditioning, there was a man and the wilderness. There’s something about listening to the trees shake and the waves crash that helps you unwind and truly relax. Without the distractions and noises found in a house or condo, you’ll be able to connect with the surroundings outside of four walls.

2.) Disconnect from technology. When camping, we suggest that you leave your phone in the car and completely disconnect from the outside world; then you can realize how unimportant your work emails and social media profiles really are. Before texting and Facebook updates, there were just people talking to other people.

3.) Camping usually requires more exercise than what would be required while staying in a vacation rental. From hiking and setting up a tent to building a fire and getting lost on the beach, there are numerous opportunities to burn fat while you’re camping.

4.) Quiet time. With noise everywhere in our lives, it’s nice to sometimes just sit and listen to nothing but your heart beating. When you go camping, particularly tent camping, there won’t be a TV on in the background or a noisy refrigerator. When camping, you can enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

5.) More quality time with family and friends. You can get to know the people you love most better while sharing stories next to the campfire. And maybe you’ll keep each other up late talking about old memories.

6.) You’ll likely save a lot of money. For most people, this is probably the most appealing reason to go camping on the Outer Banks. No question about it, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on lodging… and you can use the money saved on a number of fun activities like hang gliding, parasailing or surf lessons!

7.) Different and exciting meals and cooking. Have you ever had to rely on a campfire or a small propane grill to prepare your food? You’ll likely have to develop some pretty exciting and easy-to-make meals. And for dessert, there are always smores!

8.) The best stargazing of your life. On a clear night on the Outer Banks, you’ll have a fantastic view of the stars and potentially the Milky Way. Many of the challenges and problems you face in life can be solved while watching the sky and carefully waiting for a shooting star.

9.) Camping can be an opportunity to build a stronger bond with your significant other. Reconnect with your loved one and share a tent and sleeping bag together. Stay up all night talking about the future and past memories you’ve experienced together.

10.) You can learn about new outdoor survival skills. Although it’s highly unlikely you’ll be stranded on a deserted island or lost in the woods for days, it could happen. Fortunately, if either of those unfortunate things happens, you’ll be able to put your outdoor survival skills learned while camping on the Outer Banks to work.

11.) There are lots of different places on the Outer Banks to camp! For example, from Cape Hatteras KOA and Hatteras Sands Camping Resort on the southern beaches to Adventure Bound Campground and OBX Campground on the central beaches, there are many different campgrounds to choose from on the Outer Banks.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your camping trip to the Outer Banks today!

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