Avon NC Vacation Information and Guide

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With a scenic coastline filled with rolling dunes and dotted with sea oats and other native vegetation, there’s indeed much to admire about the natural beauty of Avon, North Carolina.

By no means is this coastal town the most popular destination on the Outer Banks, but perennial vacationers will tell you that’s part of the allure of Avon.
Avon’s biggest draw for locals and visitors alike is the beautiful beaches. During the summer and autumn months, the water is in the 70s and 80s. Kayakers, swimmers, and surfers will, without a doubt, enjoy their time in the water.

Little commercialization and miles of seemingly untouched beaches await you and your group of family and friends seeking an escape to one of the premier spots for a week-long vacation in the eastern United States.

Things to Do

If you love splashing around in the water, then you’ll have no shortage of things to do in Avon. Here are some recommendations on activities to participate in while staying in Avon.

Perfect for any adrenaline junkie! You can kite in either the sound for a smooth ride in mostly shallow water; or head over to the Atlantic and ride waves while using the momentum from your kite of choice to fly into the air. Lessons are available from many different vendors up and down the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Avon Fishing Pier
Drum, flounder, sea mullet, bluefish, and more await you at the Avon Fishing Pier. First, grab your tackle box and pole or purchase both on-site in the pier house. Then buy your pass to access the wooden pier for a few hours. North Carolina Fishing License is not required to toss a line in the Atlantic Ocean.

Surfing & Bodyboarding
Rent a board or bring along one from home – either of these two activities will keep you busy during your vacation. Waves are typically best during the fall and winter months in Avon, requiring a wetsuit because the Atlantic will be a bit chilly.

Need more ideas? Check out this post we created with 11 Things to Do in Avon NC.

Where to Eat

Avon is home to about a handful of exceptional restaurants, most of which specialize in seafood offerings.

The Mad Crabber

Variety of seafood offerings paired with cold drinks and surfing videos on display in the dining area.

Try the spicy shrimp with collard greens on the side, or consider ordering the grilled wasabi scallops which are quite tasty! The service is always friendly and helpful.

Pangaea Tavern

Top-notch pub entrees and desserts paired with a cold beer in a laid-back setting. Don’t let this pub atmosphere deter you from bringing the kids, Pangaea Tavern is most certainly a family-friendly establishment.

Part of the oceanfront resort in Koru Village.

Oceana’s Bistro

If the thought of Mahi tacos and seafood nachos don’t entice you, then the rest of the menu is sure to offer something to your liking.

One of the very best eateries in Avon for those that enjoy seafood. There is a bar at Oceana’s Bistro as well along with drink specials many nights of the week.

Where to Stay

Avon offers a range of accommodations from luxurious oceanfront homes to casual sound side retreats to choose from.

There are several rental companies that manage properties in Avon that you can contact regarding availability.

History and Lore

Before 1883, Avon was known as Kinnakeet and was later renamed Avon by the United States Postal Service when a post office was constructed there in 1883. There is a great mystery surrounding many town names on the Outer Banks – Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, for example – and no one is quite sure why Avon was chosen as the new name for the town by the Postal Service. It’s speculated that the name Avon was selected because it is the name of a river in England.

The United States Life Saving Service constructed the Little Kinnakeet Life Saving Station in 1874, which remained active until 1954 when it was decommissioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any beaches with lifeguards in Avon?
Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel north to the town of Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills if you seek a beach with a lifeguard to watch over you and your family.

Can I drive on the beach in Avon?
You can drive on the beach in Avon after obtaining an ORV permit, which is a super easy process. This can either be done by stopping by a visitor center along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore or on the NPS website. Permits are available in the form of either a 10-day pass or an annual permit.

Does Avon have pet-friendly beaches?
Absolutely! As part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Avon and the surrounding towns allow pets on the beach so long as they are always on a leash. Please remember to always pick up after your dog!

Can I sleep on the beach at night?
You cannot under really any circumstance camp out on the beach in Avon. This is strictly prohibited.

Are beach bonfires permitted?
They sure are! Don’t construct without a permit from the National Park Service. Permits are available from November 16th through April 30th on the NPS website. You need to print out and sign it. Once you have a permit, you can build a fire on the beach in Avon between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Remember to never leave an unattended fire.