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Best Things to do in Avon, NC

Avon NC Beach Access

Centrally located between the beginning and end of the magnificent Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Avon, North Carolina is a terrific town to visit year-round.

Hands down the busiest time of year in this coastal haven are during the summer months of June, July, and August – however September and October are arguably a better time of year to visit.

Below is our list containing 11 of the very best things to do in Avon, NC.

Avon Fishing Pier

Drum, trout, flounder and much, much more can be caught off the wooden deck of the only oceanfront fishing pier in Avon. Established in 1963 as the final pier to be built on Hatteras Island.

Bring your own pole or purchase one from the bait and tackle shop that’s attached to the deck. Squid, as well as many other angler favorites, are available for purchase on-premise. As with every fishing pier on the Outer Banks, a fishing license is not required to cast off the side of the sturdy structure.

41001 Highway 12
Avon, NC 27915
(252) 995-5480

Oceana’s Bistro

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served with a smile at this culinary establishment that offers up primarily American cuisine options.

Clam chowder and anything containing the blackened tuna is a safe bet here. Easily one of the best early-morning spots on Avon for a bite to eat. There’s a well-stocked bar as well as traditional tables and booths.

40774 Hwy 12
Avon, NC 27915
(252) 995-4991


There is much more to the beach than just surf, sun, and sand. Shells, colored glass, seaweed, weathered limbs, rocks and all sorts of natural treasures await your discovery on Avon’s pristine beaches.

Beachcombing is best done in the early morning just before after sunrise when few others are on the hunt. High tide from the night before brings many treasures to the visible shoreline. This had to be included on our list of top things to do in Avon because it’s a past-time that never seems to grow old.

Surf Fishing

Grab your North Carolina Fishing License along with some bait and a pole and head to the beach to cast a line in the water at will.

There are many different types of fish you can catch from the shore and if the water is warm enough and the sandbar extends out from where you’re located, it’s a solid idea to cast with your feet in the water.

Sure, charter fishing is a thrilling and worthwhile adventure, but nothing is quite like casting from the shoreline and hanging out in the sand, carefully watching your line bob up and down with the waves.


With water surrounding the coastal town on either side, there are plenty of spots to launch your kayak in Avon.

If you’re paddling in the ocean, be sure to always use an ocean kayak; and if you are on the sound side, an enclosed kayak is appropriate. Along with leisure paddling, kayaking fishing is also a good time.

Pangaea Tavern

Craft beer, specialty cocktails, wine, and yummy bar-food await you at Pangaea Tavern in Avon. Yes, it’s a pub, but don’t hesitate to bring your entire group as this place is family-friendly.

Service is on-point and their seafood offerings are cooked to perfection and served alongside a diverse selection of different sides.

It’s also worth noting that although it’s a tavern, the joint is well-kept and by no means what most have come to expect from a bar-like restaurant.

41001 Highway 12
Avon, NC 27915
(252) 995-3800

Surfing & Body Boarding

If you live to ride the waves, you’ll be pleased to learn that some of the best waves along the east coast can be found in Avon. Now there are of course calm days, but when the conditions are right, you’ll have a blast catching breaks in this town that’s heralded for its beaches.

Surfboard rentals are available from an array of businesses in and near the town of Avon. High-quality body boards with hard, slick bottoms can be purchased from an array of locally-owned surf shops.

Please be careful in the water, there are no beach accesses in Avon with lifeguards on-duty. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, consider traveling a bit north to Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.


An exhilarating water sport that’s unlike any other, kiteboarding originated only a couple decades ago and is sure to get even the most seasoned adventure junkies heart racing. If you’ve never been, there are quite a few businesses and instructors that offer lessons on Hatteras Island.

Equipment can be purchased or rented during your vacation as well – we highly recommend you take lessons if you’ve never tried kiteboarding before as it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing!

The Mad Crabber

Family owned and operated for more than 25 years, this Avon eatery offers patrons a casual dining environment that can accommodate both small and large groups of vacationers and area locals.

Their menu includes a selection of fresh local seafood offerings as well as steaks, salads, and sandwiches. The kids’ menu has something for even the pickiest of youngsters. Portions are hearty so come with a healthy appetite!

40606 Highway 12
Avon, NC 27915
(252) 995-5959

Kinnakeet Clay Studio & Showroom

Browse their selection of pottery and handmade goods or schedule a class to learn how to create your own unique clay creation. Nestled in the old fishing village of Kinnakeet, that’s located within the town of Avon.

The establishment has a functional eCommerce store if you’d like to make a purchase online for yourself or a friend.

40462 North End Road
Avon, NC 27915
(252) 995-0101

Studio 12

Pottery painting, mosaics, sun catcher glass fusion projects and more await vacationers seeking a fun, hands-on activity that’s both unique and family-friendly.

Their gallery is filled with memorable art for sale and an attached coffee shop that is well-stocked with snacks and a barista ready to prepare a specialty hot or cold beverage of your choosing.

41008 NC Hwy 12
Avon, NC 27915
(252) 995-7899