Nags Head Parasailing – Everything You Need To Know

Parasailing Outer Banks NC Nags Head

No question about it, parasailing is one of the most popular water sports activities in Nags Head. Combining the thrill of acceleration and altitude with breathtaking scenic views of the Outer Banks. Parasailing is an unforgettable activity that is considered by many to be the most memorable part of their vacation.

With no special training or knowledge required, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight! The captain and first mate will do all of the work to ensure your comfort and safety. Anywhere from one to three people can fly at a time, allowing you to share your experience with a friend or family member.

Before reserving your spot, you should know that there are three different heights to choose from.

  • 600 feet – Wow, this is pretty fun! I’m pretty high up but this isn’t really scary.
  • 900 feet – This is great, but I want to go HIGHER!
  • 1,200 feet – I can see Bodie Island Lighthouse from up here! The parasailing boat looks small.

The higher you go, the more expensive your experience will be… but you are on vacation, so why not splurge a little?

How to Reserve Your Spot

There are three different companies that offer parasailing in Nags Head. Both Kitty Hawk Kites and Kitty Hawk Water Sports allow you to view an availability calendar and reserve your spot online. Booking online preferred method of reserving a spot for most people… the companies prefer it if you booked online as well!

How Much Does It Cost?

Below are some estimates on much it costs to go parasailing in Nags Head. Please keep in mind, these are ONLY ESTIMATES! The prices vary greatly based on the time of year and day of the week. Please be sure to check the current prices for the day with the company you choose.

600 Feet 900 Feet 1200 Feet
Single $60 – $100 $70 – $110 $80 – $115
Double $120 – $130 $140 – $150 $160 – $170
Triple $180 – $195 $210 – $225 $240 – $255


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be up in the air?

  • The entire boating adventure lasts for approximately one hour with each scheduled flight in the air for 10-12 minutes.

How many passengers can go on the boat?

  • Anywhere from 6 to 12 passengers can be on the boat. This all depends on which parasailing company you choose! Some providers allow for spectators to tag along – others do not.

What are the age limits?

  • Children must be a minimum age of 2 to fly. Participants are as old as 98 have flown with Kitty Hawk Kites. All age groups subject to staff approval.

What are the weight limitations?

  • The answer to these questions depends greatly on the current wind and water conditions at the time of your flight. Your parasailing boat captain will, of course, have the final say. There is a minimum weight requirement (about 175 to 200 lbs) that must be adhered to. Triples are designed for 3 children, 2 children, and adults, or 2 adults and 1 child. Triples are not designed for 3 adults.

Will I get wet?

  • The best answer we can provide is maybe. With ideal conditions, the captain will be able to give you an option of whether or not you’d like your toes dipped in the water. It is sometimes necessary to land you in the water, which will get you very wet! The best bet is to wear board shores (guys) and a swimsuit (girls) under your regular clothes.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

  • Water shoes are ideal, but most people go barefooted. Some captains require that you leave your shoes in your car. Do not wear flip flops… they can easily fall off when you are in the air!

Do I need to know how to swim?

  • No, you do not. Participants are required to wear a life vest while flying. Any children under the age of 12 on the boat are required to wear a flotation device before the boat leaves the dock.

Can I bring my camera up with me in the air?

  • Sure, you can, but at your own risk! Electronics and saltwater do not go together, and even if you make a completely safe and water-free departure and landing, your camera can still very easily get water on it.

Here is a great video from Kitty Hawk Kites that will help prepare you for parasailing.

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