What areas and towns are considered the Outer Banks?

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In this post, we’re going to shed some light on which areas and towns that are considered to be part of the Outer Banks which if you don’t already know, is the name bestowed upon the chain of barrier islands located off the coast of North Carolina.

And if you thought those islands were actually called OBX, you’d be correct. Well, semi-correct! The acronym OBX is short for Outer Banks. It’s quite possible you’ve seen a black letter and white background OBX sticker on someone’s bumper while cruising down the interstate.

Those OBX stickers are everywhere!

But I digress… Depending on who you ask, these are all of the areas and towns that are considered to be part of the Outer Banks, a dynamic group of islands that shift north, south, east, and west with the hurricanes and nor’easters that frequently smack the coast of North Carolina.




Southern Shores

Kitty Hawk

Kill Devil Hills

Nags Head







Hatteras Village

Ocracoke Island

If someone attempts to tell you Cape Lookout is part of the Outer Banks you can go ahead and send them a link to this post! Above is the full list of towns that are considered to be part of the OBX.

We hope this cleared up any confusion, and we invite you to come to visit the area sometime if you haven’t been here before. And if you have visited the coast of North Carolina before, then chances are that you don’t need us to help convince you to come back!

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