How Did Ocracoke Island Get Its Name?


Ocracoke Island Lighthouse Outer Banks NC

Just south of Hatteras is an area known as Ocracoke Island, a landmass that is so remote that you have to take a ferry to access it.

If you ever wondered where the name of the island came from, you are not alone. We got curious and did a little bit of research to find the origin of Ocracoke and found one theory that sounds pretty interesting.

Based on our research, Ocracoke is said to be named after one of the more unsavory inhabitants of the island, the infamous Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard. You have probably heard of him before, he is one of the most well-known pirates ever.

During his reign of terror, the ruthless pirate would drop anchor in the inlet to unload all of his stolen treasure. One time, after stopping at Ocracoke Island, he viewed the vast expanse of sand and water, shook his fist and yelled into the calm breeze, “Oh, Crow Cock!”

At least that’s how the legend goes. Surely some of the locals of Ocracoke will have a different story to tell!

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