24 Swashbuckling Facts About Blackbeard the Pirate

Ahoy, mate! For ye eyes only, we have put together a list of 24 fun facts about Blackbeard the pirate. So batten down the hatches, guard your booty, and try not to be shark bait.

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  1. Blackbeard's real name was Edward Teach, but many other names, including Edward Thatch and Edward Drummond.
  2. He was born in Bristol, England, in the late 17th century.
  3. He became a pirate after serving as a privateer for the English.
  4. Blackbeard was known for his long black beard, which he braided and tied with ribbons to intimidate his enemies. In addition, he was a master of psychological warfare and would often light fuses under his hat or link them to his beard to make himself look even more terrifying to his enemies.
  5. He commanded a fleet of ships and had a crew of several hundred pirates.
  6. Blackbeard was known for his ferocity and cruelty in battle.
  7. He attacked and plundered ships in the Caribbean Sea and the eastern coast of the American colonies.
  8. In 1718, Blackbeard blockaded the Charleston, South Carolina port and demanded a ransom from the town's governor.
  9. In November 1717, Blackbeard ran the Queen Anne's Revenge aground near Beaufort, North Carolina, and was forced to abandon the ship. He then set up a base on Ocracoke Island, where he and his crew continued their pirating activities.
  10. In May 1718, the British Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, sent a naval expedition to capture Blackbeard and end his pirating. After a fierce battle, Blackbeard was killed by British sailors on November 22, 1718.
  11. Blackbeard was killed in the fight, but the exact circumstances of his death are unclear. Some accounts say he was shot and killed, while others say multiple sword wounds killed him.
  12. Blackbeard's severed head was displayed as a trophy on the bow of the victorious ship.
  13. Blackbeard was known for his fondness for rum and was often depicted as a heavily-bearded, drunken pirate.
  14. Blackbeard is thought to have buried treasure on the many islands he visited during his pirating career. The amount of treasure he amassed is unknown, but it is believed to have been significant.
  15. Blackbeard had a taste for luxury and was known to surround himself with beautiful women and fine food and drink.
  16. Despite his reputation as a ruthless pirate, Blackbeard was also known to have a sense of humor and was sometimes merciful to his captives. Legend says that he once released a ship and its crew without ransom after the captain entertained him with a fiddle performance. A scenario you'd only expect in a movie.
  17. He was known to have plundered many ships, including the French merchant Concorde, which he took after a fierce battle.
  18. Blackbeard's flag was black with a horned devil and an hourglass, symbolizing his intention to give his victims no time to prepare for their deaths.
  19. Blackbeard's legend has endured for centuries and has been featured in numerous books, movies, and television shows, and has been the subject of many pirate-themed t-shirt designs.
  20. The island of New Providence, where Blackbeard is thought to have buried treasure, is now the capital of the Bahamas.
  21. Blackbeard is most famous for his command of the Queen Anne's Revenge, his flagship, a heavily armed pirate ship that terrorized the waters of the West Indies and the eastern coast of North America.
  22. Blackbeard's reign of terror lasted only a few years, but he remains one of the most famous pirates in history.
  23. Blackbeard was known to have been married twice and had several children, but little is known about his family life.
  24. After his death, much of Blackbeard's crew were arrested and brought to trial, but many managed to escape and continue their lives as pirates.

So there ye have it! That's our list of fun facts about Blackbeard the pirate.

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