[Visitor Guide] Corolla Adventure Park Ropes Course

Corolla Adventure Park Outer Banks NC Ropes Course

After having great success with the First Flight Adventure Park in Nags Head, NC, the same owners have decided to create another ropes course, Corolla Adventure Park, in the northern Outer Banks town of Corolla, NC.

There are tens of thousands of people that stay in Corolla, Duck and Southern Shores each summer, and this new attraction will be more convenient for vacationers who don’t want to drive an hour south to Nags Head to take on a ropes course.

According to the attraction’s website, construction on Corolla Adventure Park began during the spring of 2016, with plans of opening the new attraction in early June of 2016.

The park’s brand new design was created by the same award-winning designers that created the First Flight Adventure Park, located on the sound front near milepost 16 in Nags Head. Corolla Adventure Park was constructed mostly out of wood, and features three circuits on each of the three levels in a cloverleaf pattern, with a total of 60 obstacles including several zip lines. The aerial adventure park sits on nearly 8 acres of land!

For a ropes course, it is generally recommended that there be no more than one person on the course per obstacle…. meaning that up to 60 people can be flying through the air and challenging themselves both physically and mentally at one time! (This is a general rule of thumb, the operators may have different regulations in place.)

Corolla Adventure Park is constructed in a way that will allow the owners to add a fourth level expansion in future years, which would make for one heck of a ropes course if you ask us! After seeing how busy First Flight Adventure Park has been during the past few summers, I think it’s likely the developers will add a fourth level within the first three years of operation.

According to an article by the Outer Banks Voice in February of 2016, ”the owners intended to name the park Wild Ropes Adventure Park. After learning that there was already a park using that name, they decided to change it to Corolla Adventure Park.”

Here is a short clip of the new Corolla Adventure Park, mid-construction! Pretty awesome to see how it all comes together.


How Much Does Corolla Adventure Park Cost?

At the time of writing this post, park admission to the bottom level (designed for ages 5-9) is $38 per person. A full access ticket (designed for ages 10+) will cost $56 per person. Tickets include 2 hours of access to the park, along with a helmet, harness, and gloves.

Things to Know About the Corolla Ropes Course

  • All participants must be at least 5 years old AND weigh less than 250 pounds. Each participant is required to sign an agreement form before starting their adventure.
  • Anyone who is less than 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian sign the agreement form – no exceptions!
  • Participants should try to arrive about 20 minutes early to check-in and register at the building, located at 1215 Ponton Lane in Corolla, NC.
  • Every participant must bring a bottle of water, wear sneaker style closed-toed shoes, and have a valid ID (if 18 years or older).
  • Climbers should be in reasonably good physical condition.
  • The Flight Crew will provide Ground School instruction prior to climbing, as well as guidance on the course if required or requested.
  • All participants must be at least 3 foot 9 inches tall. Anyone who is less than 5 feet tall must be accompanied by another participant who is at least 5 feet tall.
  • You must be at least 5 years old to participate.
  • Climbers may be on the course in the wind and rain, but not during a thunderstorm for obvious reasons.
  • Locals discounts are offered, so do ask about them!
  • Group rates available – advance group reservation required. (March, April, May, September, October, November)

Corolla Adventure Park Physical Location

The attraction is located about 1/2 a mile north of the Currituck Lighthouse (Hwy 12) in Corolla, NC. Turn left on the gravel road by their big sign!

Corolla Adventure Park
1215 Ponton Lane
Corolla, NC 27927
(252) 579-1997

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