Taiko Restaurant in Nags Head, NC

Sushi Restaurant in Nags Head, NC Outer Banks

Just about the best sushi, you’ll find on the Outer Banks!

If you're on the central barrier islands and in the mood for sushi or hibachi, look no further than Taiko in Nags Head. Situated right beside the trendy eatery Grits Grill, this restaurant stays busy no matter what month of the year it is.

The wait staff looks like they could be related, and they might be related. I haven't asked, but that's not pertinent information. Taiko’s staff is friendly, and they're great at their jobs.

You can eat in or take out, but I'd suggest eating there. The dining rooms consist of about ten tables, and there is also room at the bar if you're interested in some friendly banter with the chefs as you watch them prepare your food. Something important to mention: groups of eight to ten are no problem for the restaurant and wait staff. There are fewer restaurants on the Outer Banks than you may think that can cater to a large party of six or more guests. Taiko is one of them that can and regularly does.

Vegetable hibachi is spot on, and if you decide to add some meat, you're sure not to regret your choice. As far as sushi goes, pretty much everything is exceptional, and there are plenty of options to ensure that will keep you coming back time and time again to try something new. I like the shrimp tempura and California rolls, but you might prefer something else off the expansive menu. Don't be afraid to try something you've never had before at a Japanese restaurant because it's likely that you'll enjoy it if the talented chefs at Taiko prepare it.

Prices are pretty reasonable and certainly aren't padded like many other surrounding restaurants that, to a certain extent, take advantage of out-of-town visitors with deep pockets. Most everyone will enjoy a Japanese feast for dinner for about $15 or less. Lunch is probably the best deal, and their special menu for the afternoon is light on the wallet and filling for the stomach. That's perhaps why so many people are regulars here. The price is reasonable, exceptional service and the food is always tasty.

Locally owned and operated and open for lunch and dinner every day. Try something different than your typical seafood restaurant on the Outer Banks, and you'll likely return to Taiko time and time again.

Taiko is located in the Outer Banks Mall in Nags Head, NC, and is a restaurant you’ll want to try.

Some restaurants on the OBX have not-so-great food and charge a hefty price. Unfortunately, this is not the case at this eatery that’s very popular with residents – especially during lunchtime.

The best deal at Taiko is their lunch boxes.

These value-packed menu items come with an egg roll, sushi, ginger, salad, and rice. The Hollywood Box is a personal favorite. It’s delicious and will make you feel like a movie star.

If sushi isn’t your thing, the hibachi is too good to share. So, what do the chefs put in that white sauce to make it good on pretty much everything? We may never know.

Wash your meal down with some hot tea or some saki if you’re not on your lunch break!

The staff is always super friendly and polite. Cooks are always on point and very consistent with what comes out of the kitchen.

No matter what you order from the menu, you’re sure to enjoy it.

Open daily year-round for lunch and dinner!

Consider giving Taiko a try if you want something different than your typical OBX seafood restaurant.

Locals eat here, and you probably should too!

5000 S Croatan Highway
Nags Head, NC 27959