Why Hatteras Island is a Premier Kiteboarding Destination

Kiteboarding Outer Banks NC Hatteras Island

Considered by experienced kiteboarding enthusiasts to be the premier location on the East Coast to kiteboard, there are numerous factors that make Hatteras Island a sublime location to put a kite in the air and have a blast.

Shaped by wind and water, Hatteras is an area that not only has seen its fair share of tropical storms but is always constantly on the move. New inlets are formed regularly after a nasty storm, and locals are accustomed to road closures and overwash on a somewhat yearly basis.

So what about the island makes it so great for kiteboarding fans of all skill levels and ages?

Well, for one thing, apart from the occasional nor’easter or tropical depression or hurricane, the sound and ocean water conditions are typically relatively tame and are shallow in many areas (especially in the sound), which is ideal for those just getting their feet wet with kiteboarding, so to speak.

Hatteras is also known for its stellar and seemingly endless coastline, providing a huge playground for kiteboarders to enjoy. There are however a few piers to look out for, but for the most part, it’s an empty space that’s waiting to be filled with kites!

April through November is usually the best time of year for kiteboarding on Hatteras Island, although, if you have the proper cold water gear, the winter can be fun as well, especially for those that prefer the windy days over the calm ones.

It’s recommended that you bring along a wetsuit if you plan on kiteboarding in the spring and fall months as well, as the water will hover around the 50 to 60-degree range for the most part during these seasons.

And if you are worried about finding a place to launch your kite on Hatteras, don’t fret!

You can always launch in front of Kitty Hawk Kites’ Waves Village Watersports Resort located in Rodanthe, NC. It’s free to use the ramp and if you’re in need of some new or used gear, there’s a kiteboarding shop at the complex. ‘

There’s a lot more to cover when it comes to Hatteras and kiteboarding on the Outer Banks in general, but this should have convinced you somewhat that the area is a stellar location to visit if you’re into or looking to get into the sport of kiteboarding.

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