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Nags Head earned its name from a famous pirate practice of hanging a lantern on the nag’s aka (horse’s) head and then walking the horse up and down the beach so that the ships could be ensnared in shallow waters and sandbanks.

The muted light would act as a guide for the ships on the sea and the captains would think of the light coming in from a “safe harbor”. Once the ships were trapped on the deceiving shoals underneath that constantly changed their shape, the pirates would loot the ship and run away.

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and today, Nags Head in North Carolina has become one of the best beach vacation spots in the United States. There’s everything you would want in your beach holiday destination. You’ve got plenty of food, music, drinks, shopping, water and adventure sports options in Nags Head. And then, of course, there are the award-winning beaches that you can never ignore.

Beaches in Nags Head are quite diverse. There are public beaches with properly paved parking, bathing houses and also convenience shops nearby. Then there are the primitive beaches situated in towards the south near Cape Hatteras National Seashore. What you want to experience and how you want to experience depends entirely upon your choice.

You find plenty of public beaches with proper access and parking in Nags Head. There are two fishing piers open to the public, the Nags Head Fishing Pier and Outer Banks Fishing Pier which is located in the south of Nags Head and provides access to a lot of fish species that have built a unique habitat therein.

Beaches in Nags Head have proper footpaths, free parking for the public and also wooden crossovers. If you’re wondering about one popular beach in the area then you’d be disappointed because there isn’t a particular beach that is preferred by everyone visiting the town. The islands are not bigger than a mile in width and people usually walk to the beach or drive to the main access that is closest to the beach.

A little development program is underway and once it's completed, people will have access to a whole 12+ miles of beach that will give everybody twice the room to play and spread out. The experience will be nothing like that was in the past.

Today Nags Head has become one of the most popular beach towns in North Carolina. The total population of 2,800 welcomes an abundance of tourists and locals driving to the town to spend their annual vacations and enjoy a number of things to do. Without a doubt, Nags Head is one of the most ideal family beach towns in North Carolina and offers the best of everything when you’re in the mood of spending time and lazing around the beaches.

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