Hurricane Season for Edisto Island South Carolina 2022

Are you mapping out a getaway to South Carolina's award-winning coast?

Curious about the possibility of a tropical depression occurring during your vacation and wondering when the Atlantic Hurricane Season will begin and conclude?

Well, then this post is for you! 

The hurricane season for Edisto Island and Edisto Beach begins on June 1st and extends through November 30th.

Note that hurricanes can form outside of this timeframe and smash into the coastline. Although, this is very unlikely as the conditions for these storms to form in the Atlantic are not ideal. The water temperature typically has to be above a specific reading for a storm to begin to organize - let alone become a hurricane and march towards the East Coast.

Storm at Edisto Beach, South Carolina

On average, less than one tropical occurrence impacts the area a year, and several years can go by without any hurricanes making landfall in eastern SC. Unfortunately, the peak season (summertime) for visiting Edisto Beach is during the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Based on the severity of the storm, there are two types of evacuation orders:

  • Mandatory: If this type of evacuation order is announced, you must, by law, evacuate the coastline ASAP. Failure to leave could lead to some unfavorable repercussions from state and or local authorities.

  • Voluntary: Issued when the threat level grows and conditions may be highly unfavorable soon. It's recommended that you evacuate or start planning to evacuate, but staying put is not unlawful.

If you are vacationing and a hurricane is barreling toward the coastline, you will likely be required to leave your rental home or condo and stay inland. 

The evacuation route is straightforward to find as there are limited asphalt options when driving into the area. Typically Google Maps or Waze will show you the best way.

Now, if part of your trip to Edisto involved an airline, you'd want to book a flight quickly once evacuation orders have been announced, as flights can fill up fast.

Travel Insurance

Suppose you are uneasy about booking a multi-thousand dollar-a-week rental home with the possibility of your trip being canceled due to a storm. In that case, you may want to consider travel insurance which can provide peace of mind amid uncertainty.

Travel insurance can reimburse you for your missed time - meaning they'll cover the cost of the nights in your rental property that you could not enjoy because you had to leave due to a hurricane.

When vacationing in Edisto Beach, you should always be aware of potential tropical storms that may brush the coastline. That being said, don't let the possibility of a storm rain on your vacation! These storms are typically slow-moving, and you usually have days to brace for impact or leave.

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