Facts About Kitty Hawk NC and How Kitty Hawk Got Its Name

Kitty Hawk NC Beach Outer Banks Vacation

Kitty Hawk might have risen to national prominence with the advent of the Wright Brothers, however, the state was home to salty locals for hundreds of years before the Wrights took flight. From the long nowhere to be found sound side group of people in Kitty Hawk Woods to the momentous rescue station that defended the outline, Kitty Hawk has many stories to share.

The origin of the name Kitty Hawk continues to be a matter of native discussion. most of the people agree that it’s a Native yank name for this space. The word originally appeared on English settlers’ maps as “Chickehawk” or “Chickahawk” within the early 1700s. By the late 1700s, native residents spelled the name as we tend to do nowadays, with recent land deeds touching on settlements as “Kittyhuk,” “Kittyhark,” KittyHawk,” and “Kitty Hawk.”

Modern archeologists estimate that Kitty Hawk was occupied for hundreds of years before European explorers 1st discovered the region within the late 1500s. Evidence of Algonquin speaking tribes exists in modern-day Southern Shores and close to the western fringe of the Wright Memorial Bridge. different tell-tale signs are noticed in Kitty Hawk Woods, near Shallbank purpose. In fact, even the name “Kitty Hawk” appears to own ties to those 1st natives, because the original name, Chickenhauk, was noted on a brand new World map as early as 1738 – well before the region was absolutely explored.

Kitty Hawk would ne’er receive the mass migration of settlers like close metropolis Island and therefore the North Carolina earth, however, some of the recent World residents were brave enough to line up a range in the region. Maps from the 1700s and 1800s note handfuls of in private closely-held plantations and residences, moreover as a school and different tiny businesses that are served the community.

This under-the-radar name would amendment once the Wright Brothers arrived within the region in 1900, and stayed for 3 years to excellent their battery-powered flight experiments. whereas the historic Dec seventeenth 1st Flight truly launched via the sand dunes of neighboring Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, even so, became famed because of the birthplace of flight.

After the Wright Brothers seasoned the world and created national headlines, Kitty Hawk somewhat people back to its quiet existence. The 1910s and 192s were marked by the arrival of lumber businesses UN agency harvested the Kitty Hawk Woods space.

Once the primary Wright Memorial Bridge was created within the Thirties, linking the off-shore beach city to the earth, the commercial enterprise began to steadily develop. this could continue within the following decades, (and coincide with multiple Wright Memorial Bridge renovations), till eventually, Kitty Hawk would be within the national spotlight another time – now jointly of the premier vacation destinations on the Outer Banks.

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