Duck NC Town Boardwalk and Park

Duck North Carolina Town Boardwalk Outer Banks NC

The Town of Duck is a beautiful, quaint area characterized by its gorgeous park, with its natural beauty, and the Boardwalk which is a unique feature of the town extending to almost a mile and allowing you to enjoy a relaxing stroll while taking in the view of the breathtaking sunset.

The Duck Town Park and sound side boardwalk are in the very heart of Duck and they are often frequented by residents and visitors alike because of their sheer beauty. The Park is open from dusk till dawn and is comprised of 11 acres of land filled with scenic trails going through the willow space and maritime forest.

There’s plenty of open space to relax and carry out fun activities while enjoying the sound side view. There is an amphitheater and a gazebo providing plenty of family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy while being surrounded by the gorgeous scenery that the park has to offer.

The Park hosts the Annual Jazz Festival for Duck that takes place on the Sunday of the Columbus Day weekend. Other than the music, the picnics, and the view, the Park hosts over 60 family-friendly events that take place over the summer and ensure that a strong community is built through engaging families and individuals in fun public activities. The Park also connects to the Boardwalk and provides access to it.

The Duck Boardwalk, other than the Park, can be accessed through other locations in the town as well and is located nearly a mile along the Currituck Sound. It is open from dawn until 1:00 AM. There is plenty of parking space available in the Town and so that won’t be a hindrance to you if you’re planning on visiting the Boardwalk.

Additionally, you can access the Boardwalk through a canoe or kayak at the dock which is at the midpoint of the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk can also be accessed through the day-use boat slips at the north and south ends. Whichever route you use to access the Boardwalk you are guaranteed to see amazing bayside views along the banks. There are a fishing and crabbing area but you can only fish after acquiring a license. Furthermore, the shopping districts are quite close by and are located on both sides of the Boardwalk so if you’re planning to go shopping or to go dining you can take this scenic route and truly enjoy your entire trip.

Some rules and regulations need to be kept in mind. Pets must be kept on a leash and should be cleaned after by the owners. Bicycles are to be kept at the bicycle rack provided in the Park, whereas skateboards, rollerblades and motorized vehicles are not allowed in the Park or on the Boardwalk.

The wildlife of the park must be respected and should not be fed or harassed. Check the website for the rest of the rules to ensure that the visit to the Park and Boardwalk is enjoyable for all.

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