Driving Distance Corolla to Nags Head NC

Planning a trip to the Outer Banks and trying to obtain a better lay of the land? (Or, should I say, lay of the islands!)

Distance Nags Head NC to Corolla NC

It takes about 58 minutes to drive from Corolla, NC to Nags Head, NC - the two coastal towns are about 32 miles apart from one another.

While heading south from Corolla towards Nags Head, you'll be on NC 12 (two lanes) or "beach road" as the locals call it until you reach the town of Kitty Hawk. Once you are in Kitty Hawk, you can drive on US 64 which is five lanes (two going either direction and a middle turning lane) at a faster speed. 

It is possible to ride your bike the entire 32 miles, there is a decent bike trail along NC 12 and cars are not typically going much faster than 34 mph.

The drive from Corolla to Nags Head is scenic for sure! You'll be able to spot the ocean to the east on several occasions where the dunes aren't that built up. On the trek, you'll navigate past the Wright Brothers Memorial as well as several wooden piers including Kitty Hawk Pier and Avalon Fishing Pier.

While driving from Corolla to Nags Head, you will pass through each of these Outer Banks towns listed from north to south:

  • Duck
  • Southern Shores
  • Kitty Hawk
  • Kill Devil Hills

Keep in mind that traffic can dramatically increase the estimates provided above. The months of June, July, and August are when the Outer Banks will experience a peak in the number of visitors.

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