How to Bicycle Historic Kitty Hawk NC

Kitty Hawk NC Map Bicycle Path

The major bicycle pathway runs along The Woods Road through historic Kitty Hawk. This pathway connects US 158 with Kitty Hawk Road.

Starting at 158 and The Woods Road, a separate pathway runs south to Kitty Hawk Road.

From Kitty Hawk Road to the beach the bike path is a 2-foot wide apron on both sides of the road.

A mile east of the Woods Road, a detour onto Moore Shore Drive takes you on the historic main road from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head.

On this route, you will see a monument on the right. This was the location of William Tate's home, where the Wright Brothers first stayed in Kitty Hawk.

Moore Shore Drive continues south along Kitty Hawk Bay to the new Wright Brothers Memorial multiuse path.

This route winds along historic Kitty Hawk Bay toward Kill Devil Hills and the Wright Memorial National Park.

For a beach ride, journey back to Kitty Hawk Road and continue east to the ocean. Crossing US158 toward NC 12 or " Beach Road", you will see the Black Pelican restaurant on the right.

Look closely, and you will notice this was part of the old Kitty Hawk Life Saving station. (picture in right column) The beach road can be ridden north to the historic Kitty Hawk Pier or south towards Kill Devil Hills and beyond.

Note to Riders: cycling along Kitty Hawk Road and Beach Road requires you to share the roadway with cars. This route can be dangerous for children and should only be taken by experienced bicyclists. The Woods Road and Kitty Hawk Bay routes have separate pathways and traverse residential roads that are less dangerous.

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