Average Outer Banks Ocean Water Temperatures

Boardwalk to Beach Outer Banks NC

No one likes dipping their toes in cold ocean water!

Fortunately, vacationers to North Carolina’s Outer Banks can enjoy warm Atlantic Ocean water many months out of the year, with the highest temperatures occurring during the months of July and August.

For the rest of the year, when it’s too cold to go for a swim wearing just a pair of board shorts, there are plenty of local surf shops with cold water gear – wet suits, gloves, headcovers, and boots.

Below is a table with a breakdown of average ocean water temperatures during the year on the Outer Banks. Hopefully, this helps you plan your vacation!

OBX Ocean Water Temperatures by Month

Spring: 50°- 60° | Summer: 70° | Fall: 50°- 60° | Winter: 30°- 40°

Month Water Temps Month Water Temps
Early Jan. Mid 30’s Late Jan. High 30’s
Early Feb. High 30’s Late Feb. Mid 30’s
Early March Mid 40’s Late March Low 50’s
Early April Mid 50’s Late April Low 60’s
Early May Low 60’s Late May High 60’s
Early June Low 70’s Late June Mid 70’s
Early July Mid 70’s Late July High 70’s
Early Aug. High 70’s Late Aug. Mid 70’s
Early Sept. Mid 70’s Late Sept. High 60’s
Early Oct. Mid 60’s Late Oct. Mid 50’s
Early Nov. Low 50’s Late Nov. High 40’s
Early Dec. Mid 40’s Late Dec. Low 40’s

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