10 Best Things to Do in Kitty Hawk NC

Things to do Kitty Hawk NC

Kitty Hawk offers visitors a wide array of sightseeing, attractions, and tours to partake in during their stay. Take aim at a fun-filled getaway to Kitty Hawk or spend a week moving from the pool to the beach on repeat. When it comes to getting more quality time for a whole lot of value, it's tough to beat a vacation to this coastal haven.

You get the best of all worlds when you vacation in the Outer Banks town of Kitty Hawk. Experience all the family fun to be had in the town limits! Go for a scenic drive along the beach road, rent bicycles, explore historic OBX sights, visit the neighboring towns of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, experience the thrills of kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, indulge in some fresh seafood and so much more!

Discover local eateries, and great places to shop and golf, then venture out on day trips in search of lighthouses and wild Spanish mustang horses. Kitty Hawk is closer than you think to an array of top-notch attractions and makes the ideal base camp to explore everything the Outer Banks has to offer vacationers.

Just below is our list of the very best things to do in Kitty Hawk!

Monument Century Flight Kitty Hawk NC

Monument To A Century of Flight

December 17, 2003, declared the anniversary of the first powered, controlled, and sustained flight by Wilbur and Orville Wright of what's now the city of Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the sands.

Flight fans around the globe united since the centennial was celebrated at Kill Devil Hills in the National Park Service Wright Brothers National Memorial; at Dayton, Ohio in the birthplace of both Orville and Wilbur Wright; also at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in a Monument commemorating aviation's first century.

Monument to a Century of Flight
100 Ocean Green Court
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Rundown Cafe Kitty Hawk NC Restaurant

Rundown Cafe

Kitty Hawk was a sleepy village and the Rundown climbed with the inclusion of the Tsunami Bar and Hula Deck into more modern construction. Our deck is located over our koi pond which has been demonstrated to be family entertainment for grownups and the children.

Its mission has come to be an ideal of appreciation, comfort, and food that is healthier. Our menu is ever-changing together with our journeys, but we stay committed to warm smiles family fare, and excellence.

This Rundown Cafe's conception started in 1993. An idea created for cuisine that was such as. A lot of the world seen by our group was the Caribbean. A Jamaican soup that became a severe favorite was replicated and imported in addition to the title; "The Rundown"......." Since Mon it run down thus good". As did the recipe the name stuck, and the soup from precisely the recipe is our namesake.

Through time, we've gathered many favorites since we seen with the Pacific rim states and islands. To combine which reflects our menu and the mix of Pacific Rim, our recipes evolved over the years Having this kind of notion. We only prefer to call it"Island Food" simple, refreshing, and hearty.

Rundown Cafe
5218 Virginia Dare Trail
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 255-0026

Wine Grapes

Trio Restaurant & Market

TRiO is an exciting tasting and retail destination with an inviting yet cosmopolitan vibe that sets us apart from casual places on the Outer Banks. 

They are all about genuine tastes simple pleasures and great times. A place to nourish your fire -- for wine, beer, cheese, inventive food, and much more. Comprised of a gourmet wine, beer and cheese market in addition to a restaurant with a wine bar and tap house, TRiO gives the very best of these worlds of wine, beer and cheese to your pleasure on-premise or in the comfort of your home. We believe that wine, cheese and beer are timeless like the Mother Vine reflected in their logo.

The Mother Vine was picked by the owners as their logo when their predecessor and their first wine shop started to TRiO, Native Vine. The Mother Vine resides on Roanoke Island and is believed to be the oldest grapevine in North America, dating back to 1584 when a number of the first settlers arrived from the New World.

Trio Restaurant & Market
3708 N Croatan Highway
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 261-0277

Sandy Run Park

Whether you're searching for a place to picnic and throw the frisbee around or for a place to hike well-maintained trails, Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk, NC, is where you need to be.

Conveniences and beautiful trails cover this playground, meaning your picnic, walk, or downtime will be relaxing and easy. Sandy Run Park may be one of the Outer Banks' secrets. You have to go there to learn!

Kitty Hawk Preserve is one of the most significant maritime forests in North Carolina. And, Sandy Run Park sits in the middle of it!

During your time in the park, you run into some of the indigenous plant and animal species of the area. Besides, you will have the chance to select the half-mile loop which takes you. With this loop, you are going to learn about plants and wildlife as identified by plaques next to the trail. If you want to have on the water, then you'll have the chance with kayak and canoe access at the very first gazebo stop. You will see yellow-bellied slider turtles, osprey, and much more!

Sandy Run Park
4351 The Woods Road
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 548-6102

Burger Kitty Hawk NC Outer Banks

Art’s Place

If it comes in Art's, there is a range of can't-go-wrong options on this menu. We usually suggest ordering one of their half-pound burgers which come served on a kaiser roll on the side. Along with a range of other tantalizing toppings, you can add cheese, Obviously. Think about looking for chicken salad wrap, Philly cheesesteak, or the grilled cheese if ground beef doesn't agree with your palette.

Oh, and the BLT and tuna melt is a fantastic option as well.
Kitty Hawk is the perfect city for a restaurant such as Art's Place. This hole-in-the-wall institution has been around since the 1980s and is situated on the western side of N.C. 12 or "beach road" at milepost 2.5, only across the street from the shore. Art's is so close to the Atlantic Ocean that most adults will have the ability to throw a pebble into the saltwater from the restaurant's upper deck.

Art's is housed in a building that was painted with an assortment of colors including blue and is accompanied by a colorful sign out front. The construction stands out among the monotone shore boxes, which is.

Art's Place
4624 N Virginia Dare Trail
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 261-3233

Paddleboarding in Kitty Hawk NC Outer Banks

Stand-up Paddleboarding

In a short while, you can catch a paddle, step onto the surfboard, and paddle around the waters. You'll be given through the relatively clear water in which it's possible to observe fish, fish, and other animals. Experienced paddlers can test their skills . In any event you're likely to find great exercise and have a blast enjoying the Outer Banks in a fun, enjoyable way that some state is similar to, "walking on water!"

Come and join us to learn why stand-up paddleboarding is your Outer Banks' fastest growing water sport! Rooted in ancient Hawaiian culture, stand-up paddleboarding or "SUPing" as many call it, has come back to life. Initially, the precursor of this activity, surfing is easy to learn and excellent for your brain, body, and soul.

Kayaking Outer Banks NC Kitty Hawk

Go Kayaking

Hit up the sound side in Kitty Hawk where you can kayak under a canopy of live oaks and red maples experience the seclusion of the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Preserve. A stone's throw from Kitty Hawk Road, this excursion provides an appearance.

Let you are instructed by a seasoned manual regarding the biomes which write woods in addition to our barrier island while kayaking. This kayak tour is excellent for all skill levels. The water serene is retained by the shelter.

Kitty Hawk Woods Nature Preserve Outer Banks NC

Kitty Hawk Woods Nature Reserve

The Kitty Hawk Woods Park is situated in the Center of the village of Kitty Hawk. Kitty Hawk's town, utilizing a conservation easement owns acres.

The Kitty Hawk Woods site incorporates flora that is rare and delicate. Visitors are asked to stay on the paths. The Reserve is closed to the public.
Inlets created by storms cut allowing seawater to unite with waters that were noisy.

In 1928 the closing of these inlets shut decreasing the salinity of Currituck Sound. The boundary of the woods is located a quarter-mile from the sea, at which parallel functions into the coast protecting the area from wind shear and salt spray. The forest is located on a series of ridges and swales.

On account of Kitty Hawk Woods' location a diversity of wildlife is situated here. Deer and raccoon fox encourages. The marsh areas promote nutria, muskrat, river otter, and a density of reptiles and amphibians. The woods are home to woodpeckers, hawks, warblers, wrens, and other songbirds.

Sea Scape Golf Course Kitty Hawk NC Outer Banks

Sea Scape Golf Links

Sea Scape Golf Links is one of North Carolina. Open to the public year-round, Sea Scape offers a pro shop and club rentals. The Sandtrap Tavern includes centers serving lunch and breakfast.

The course employs the sand dunes and maritime forest to showcase the beauty of the Outer Banks. Sea views are offered by elevation changes. The setting that is distinctive makes this route a must-play for fans of the sport.

Sea Scape Golf Links
300 W Eckner Street
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 261-2158

Beach Road Kitty Hawk NC Outer Banks

Drive Down Beach Road (NC 12)

The only real roadway along North Carolina's Outer Banks, the two-lane N.C. Highway 12 is a vital connection for tourists and tourists from the northernmost point in Corolla southwest to Cedar Island on the mainland. 

The 2.7-mile Herbert C. Bonner Bridge comprises N.C. 12 inside the Oregon Inlet, but North Carolina's ferry app, which has played a considerable role in the road's history, nonetheless provides the sole link to Ocracoke Island. 

The landscape and culture of those communities across the course have also earned N.C. 12 fame as a scenic byway on a national and state level.