OBAxe: Outer Banks Axe Throwing

Outer Banks Axe Throwing

There is a new trend building steam and becoming every so popular across the nation that we’re super excited about!

We are of course talking about indoor and outdoor establishments where patrons can toss axes at targets. Seriously!

Is it fun? You bet it is!

If you think about how popular and well-established traditional lane bowling is, ax throwing may someday be just as prevalent in small towns across America.

One big reason why these small, primarily locally-owned business are popping up is that it is dirt cheap to open one. All you need is a space to conduct business, a few targets made of wood, and of course, a few dozen sturdy axes to play around with.

When you partake in this increasingly popular activity, you’re typically assigned and a target made of wood to toss axes at. Facilities typically allow for groups of people to rent out a specific spot for a half-hour to an hour and will connect you with other patrons if you are flying solo or part of a small group.

Before you begin tossing sharp objects at a bulls eye, a brief introduction on how to properly throw an ax is usually demonstrated by someone on staff. This knowledgeable person will give you a brief lesson on the tools you’ll be using and show you the proper technique for throwing.

Is it safe? Well, you are tossing something sharp at a target, and it is possible to injure yourself, sure. If you follow all of the rules and regulations outlined by the staff, safety shouldn’t be an issue.

You will be required to sign a waiver beforehand that’ll basically make the business not responsible for any accidental injuries or problems. Not quite as long as the one you sign before skydiving or before a major surgery, but a waiver nonetheless.

The announcement that the business was in the works was initially announced on the on the Jump Masters OBX Instagram account on January 7, 2019 and the establishment is now up and running.

Add this new thing to do to the plethora of other fun activities on the barrier islands for vacationers and locals alike to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know how much OBAxe will cost?
No sir/madam we have no clue how much this exciting new attraction will cost. Will update this post as soon as that information becomes available!

What is the age requirements to participate in the fun?
Not entirely sure yet, but many similar businesses require that you be at least 14-year-old to throw one of the axes.

Can I dual wield the throwing axes like a boss?
Once you master throwing one at a time, two at a time seems like a logical thing to try. Just be careful, alright?

Should I grow a beard before visiting OBAxe?
Well, you don’t have to grow one, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. Your sweet slow-motion Instagram post showing you tossing an axe at a target will be that much better with some facial hair.

Can I wear my sweet button-down flannel shirt from Kohl’s to OBAxe?
Heck yeah you can! There likely won’t be a lumberjack discount, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Just don’t get too hot, it gets pretty warm during the summer at the beach.