John's Drive In Restaurant in Kitty Hawk NC

John's Drive In Restaurant Kitty Hawk NC

Few restaurants personify the Outer Banks the way john driving does. This beach shack/restaurant specializes in fish sandwiches and milkshakes - an interesting combo that's as unique as these barrier islands john drive-in is located on.

The kitchen is open what seems like only a short amount of time each year. Once the fall weather sets in around October just before Halloween they close...  and then reopening around mid-March early April annually.

Their setup could best be described as an ice cream parlor that's found in every small town in America where are you drive up hop out of your vehicle drive out for walk-up pop out of your vehicle and a friendly face behind a sliding glass window takes your order and calls out your number.

John Drive-In is frequently busy during the summer with wait times anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes not infrequent with other restaurants on the Outer Banks during the summer. Where john really set themselves apart is their favorable prices on the simple menu.

There dolphin boat which I highly recommend prices at a whopping $5.99 fish sandwich which is quite well-known among locals and seasoned vacationers OBX vacationers comes includes a golden brown filet of fish fresh of course most likely caught in one cheese or the docks of Hatteras Island served on a toasted bun with pickles tartar sauce.

If you come to the Outer Banks and you don't try seafood assuming that you're not allergic to the creature from the sea of course then you're really missing out!

John’s has easily one of the top fish sandwiches you'll find anywhere and at almost half the price.

3716 N Virginia Dare Trail
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 261-6227