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Duck Donuts Restaurant in Nags Head, NC

Duck Donuts Restaurant in Nags Head, NC


In 2006, the original Duck Donuts store opened in Duck, NC. Since then, Duck Donuts has expanded… and expanded… and expanded!

Now, with over three dozen locations across the eastern United States and counting, there’s no question that this restaurant is one of the most successful businesses to ever originate on the Outer Banks.

Duck Donuts is famous for their warm, fresh and made-to-order donuts that are prepared right in front of you. You have full control over what toppings and glaze gets put on your treats, and the flavor combinations are quite literally endless.

Maple and bacon donuts are my personal favorite. Their pumpkin donuts during the holidays are worth indulging on with friends and family.

You can order anywhere from a single donut to more than ten dozen. (Just give them a heads up if you’re going to order more than two dozen!

The location at the Outer Banks Mall is the only Duck Donuts in Nags Head. There’s another store location at about milepost 8.5 in Kill Devil Hills.

There isn’t a dining room here, so your donuts will be to go, unless you want to stand around and enjoy the smells while watching them prepare other people’s delectable treats!

Duck Donuts is open a majority of the year in the morning. They’re open later during the summer in case you want something sweet before lunch or dinner.

5000 S Croatan Highway
Milepost 15
Nags Head, NC 27959